What On Earth Are We Doing With Our Money?

Adult Education. London. 31. In a relationship.

You may already know Refinery29’s Money Diaries… this is our own version of it! We’ve put together a few questions to understand what women are doing with their money. Let’s break the taboo and talk more about finances!

It’s short, snappy, fun and anonymous.

Adult Education. London. 31. In a relationship.

Financial goals:

Short term (1-5 years): Educate myself for long term wealth and start investing smartly in sustainable businesses (I'm trying to avoid all extractive industries like oil/mining/logging).

Medium term (5-10 years): Buy a holiday apartment in Spain/Portugal, develop an ethical investment portfolio, work hard and develop my career further.

Long term (10 years +): Have a monthly passive income stream of £7,000+ from investments so I am financially independent and don't to have to work a regular job. Travel with my partner (and children) full time.

Best buy ever: Travel and taking unpaid sabbaticals to spend more time exploring a country/region/culture. I believe in slow and immersive travel to really learn about places, my motto is less selfies and more conversations with locals.

Worst buy ever: Buying clothing on a whim rather than buying a staple that would fit with my current wardrobe. Cake at cafes - overpriced, never as nice as it looks and loaded with empty calories that i'm still trying to shift 6 months later.

Things you spend the most money on: Rent, transport and eating out. In my 20's almost all my money went on travel.

Salary / Income: £50,000 + bonus (around £10,000 per year)

Net worth (what you own vs what you owe, or your assets minus your debts): -

Any side hustles: I used to teach English online (around £600 extra a month)

Savings: £30,000 in a Triodos ethical ISA.

Home: No, I rent a studio in zone 2 for £1,000pm including bills

Debt: Around £20,000 of student debt from my Bachelors and Masters (it's a repayment 1 loan so is tied to my earnings and doesn't affect my credit score).

Investing: I've invested into a few cryptocurrencies, a permaculture farm and am now researching other long term investments.

Pension: Yes, a NEST from work. I have no idea how much I have or what happens with it (learning about pensions and getting this sorted is on my 2019 to do list).

Insurances: Car insurance (around £1,000 a year). Travel insurance (when needed)

What is money for you? Freedom to walk away from anything (e.g. bad job/boyfriend) and support myself, or to being able to pay my way out of any difficult situation.

What is financial independence for you? 1) never being stuck for money, 2) being able to do what I want in life, 3) free to spend my time however I want


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