What On Earth Are We Doing With Our Money?

Trainee Solicitor London 25 Single, living at home.

You may already know Refinery29’s Money Diaries… this is our own version of it! We’ve put together a few questions to understand what women are doing with their money. Let’s break the taboo and talk more about finances!

It’s short, snappy, fun and anonymous.

Trainee Solicitor. London. 25. Single, living at home.

Financial goals:

Short term (1-5 years): Save up enough for a deposit. If I remain single then I want to be able to buy a buy-to-let property

Medium term (5-10 years): Have my own property with my partner (fingers crossed), at least one investment property. I would like to be in a position to be a full-time mum at least until my youngest is 5.

Long term (10 years +): Going back to work after children start school, I would love to have a flexible work option. It would be amazing to retire before 60 and have a few investment properties to keep me going.

Best buy ever: Bluetooth earphones. Anker (£21). They are amazing while doing the housework, exercising, walking, anytime!

Worst buy ever: Fitness trackers that are not the Fitbit (i.e. Jawbone £75, Misfit £40)

Things you spend the most money on: Food, going out with friends and beauty & skincare.

Salary / Income: £27,500

Net worth (what you own vs what you owe, or your assets minus your debts): £25,000

Any side hustles: Not yet

Savings: Savings in premium bonds and saving accounts. I save approximately 40% of my salary after tax

Home: Not yet but would like to buy a property in the next two years

Debt: No student debt, thanks dad. £500-£1000 on credit cards which I pay off monthly.

Investing: Currently only investment is in Gold.

Pension: Workplace pension only.

Insurances: -

What is money for you? One less stress!

What is financial independence for you? Not worrying about every £ spent. Being able to have a nice meal when I see friends / family.


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