Finances. Savings. Pensions. These words can trigger waves of panic even in the most business-savvy amongst us. And yet, we can all agree that getting your finances in order is pretty damn important – so what do you do? 

There may be a whole range of impediments to you reaching your financial goals - from a lack of confidence to insufficient financial education. It’s really tough to find someone trustworthy to talk to about money. As women, we often have to navigate an increasingly daunting world of money-related dilemmas, only to find ourselves stranded in a sea of overwhelming advice. We have so many goals we want to achieve, but don’t quite have the right guidance to get there. 

This is why we created Vestpod.



EMILIE Bellet - founder

Hailing from Paris, I moved to London in 2007. I spent my 20’s studying finance, economics and business in France, Spain and the UK, culminating in a Master’s in Management from ESCP-EAP. I went on to pursue a career in private equity, working at Lehman Brothers and Trilantic Capital Partners. After leaving the City, I launched my first business, Seed Recruit, which aimed to help startups and SME’s find the brightest technical talent in London.

Like many of you, I struggled to efficiently manage my personal finances, which felt like a hindrance to achieving my goals. It certainly didn’t help that talking about money felt like a taboo. This is why I created Vestpod (the investment pod). Vestpod helps us establish the confidence needed to keep the big dreams, whilst providing us with tools needed to achieve them. It seeks to ease money-related stress that often prevents us from doing what we really want to do in our lives. Building on my personal knowledge of finance and a range of professional resources, I want to help you feel more empowered about your financial future.

Fun fact: prior to this and alongside my studies, I travelled the world playing for the national French hockey team for almost 10 years. I now have a young son and am doing my best to juggle work with motherhood!

Melissa Katsoulis

Melissa Katsoulis - writer

Melissa is a journalist and editor with experience on The Times, The Financial Times and Sunday Telegraph. She is the author of Telling Tales: A History of Literary Hoaxes.


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