Tackling our last taboo: Money
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A practical money handbook to help you

spend, save and earn better.

It’s an Amazon bestseller!

This book is a wise investment
— Claer Barrett, money editor, Financial Times
A marvellous money manifesto
— Helena Morrissey DBE, financier & founder of 30% club


Who Are We?

The go-to resource for women when it comes to managing our money!


Your weekly #NEWSLETTER full of tips and personal finance guidance: independent, unbiased and up-to-date regarding all financial aspects of life.

#WORKSHOPS: Money can be very personal and emotional, so let’s start the conversation in a chilled, low-key environment. No lecturing, no selling:)

Your Money tribe! Vestpod is a #COMMUNITY for women to start breaking the taboo around money and make our money work for us!