Investing your ISA

Biting inflation + a low interest rate environment = not great news for your monies. Don’t panic, though - there’s one way to make the most of your savings: you could invest in a stocks and shares ISA.

Women have traditionally shun the stock market, despite the fact they make better investors. Although 51% of women have savings accounts (compared with 50% of men), only 10% of women have a stocks and shares ISA (it’s 17% for men). Why don’t more women invest in stocks and shares? Why do the vast majority of ISA subscriptions go straight into cash?

Many investors are put off stocks and shares due to the possibility of a loss. Plus, there’s the genuine bewilderment and perceived complexity of investing in stocks and shares. We’re here to help you overcome those fears - and to try and convince you that it isn’t as scary as it looks, especially if you use the following guideline.

If you need a recap on the different types of ISA’s, head on over to Vestpod.

We want to hear about your experiences with the stocks and shares ISA. Have you considered this form of investment? If you have, but didn’t go ahead - what stopped you? If you were bold enough to try it - how are you finding it? Do you have any stellar tips to share?