What is the step by step process of financial planning?

My aim is to make the complex world of financial services clear, simple and perfectly tailored to the client. I use a four-step process to develop financial plans, which can be adapted to suit personal needs:

1. Understanding you – this is the most important part of planning. This first meeting is free and non-committal – we are therefore incentivised to show you something of interest and relevant to you. We aim to focus on finding out about you, reviewing your existing financial situation and understanding your needs. Your objective may be to save towards a specific purchase, invest wisely for your or your family’s future or to make your business more profitable. The better we know you, the more we can tailor our advice.

2. Planning – this is about building your plan, putting your priorities in order and understanding the numbers. Following our initial meeting, we carry out a personal analysis. Based on this, we provide you with a bespoke financial planning recommendation. This allows you to consider your options. You then have all the information you need to make fully informed - unpressurised - decision on what you want to do.

3. Implementation – if you are happy to work with me, this is when we ‘iron out the creases’. we decide on what to do next, final details, how much everything will cost and an any questions you have will all be answered.

4. Review – I don’t consider implementing a financial solution as ‘job done’. As we all know too well, life continues to throws you curve balls and your goals, priorities, views and circumstance always change so we will review your plan on a regular basis – usually twice a year. I would I like to think that all of my clients know they can contact me whenever they have to and I’m always here to answer any question, no matter how big or small, and remember no question is ever a stupid question. 

We all go through change in our life but let’s try and make our handle of financial planning a constant.


Rachel is a Financial Adviser at Amicus Wealth.

As a child I always wanted to be a vet. I know my job now couldn’t be further from that but I guess the same principles could apply in that rather than helping animals, I am helping people. I know from a young age that I wanted to do something meaningful.

I graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Chemistry. Although I loved working in science and looked great in lab glasses, I knew that a career working in research and development was at the time hard to find. A lot of pharmaceutical companies were going through large cut backs and by simply doing the maths this area unfortunately couldn’t offer me the financial benefits I need to do everything I personally aspire do to in life (if anyone has ever owned a horse, you know what I’m talking about). In addition I wanted the freedom and self-fulfilment of building something that was my own.

The financial adviser industry when I started was known for being stuffy, backdated and dominated by 50 year old men. I saw a great opportunity within Amicus Wealth to break this mould and work with like-minded ambitious individuals who want to apply their life skills to their career and in turn advise their clients in the best way they can by using simple language we all understand, uncomplicated by financial jargon and ultimately helping clients draw the parallels between their financial planning, their lifestyle and their personal success and happiness.

Start laying your financial stepping stones by arranging an initial chat or consultation with Rachel. You can contact her on: rachel.copley@amicuswealth.co.uk or 02037276670 / 07533478925.

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