You are wasting money on these 4 things πŸ‘€

We know at Vestpod that is is hard work to put a plan together and start saving money, but look at these 4 easy things you can easily save money on!


1. Bank fees

Check your bank statements online and find out the bank fees, or ATM fees. Few pounds here and there can make a difference but also look for the bigger cash out such as overdraft or credit card fees. There is a great choice of bank accounts in the market so try to find one that is adapted to your needs. You can compare rates and fees on Moneysupermarket.


2. Free trials

Free trials are great, 1 to 3 months free subscription to Netflix, Spotify or Headspace! But are you sure you cancelled your subscription once the trial is finished? Check on your bank account and cancel these if you are not using them.


3. Gym membership

How many times have you been exercising at the gym last month? Twice, well, maybe it is not worth paying these Β£50 on membership. Review your options, opt instead for β€œa la classe” memberships or start running in the park or cycling to work. Even some downward dogs at home with Yoga Studio app or Yoga Glow?


4. Phone subscription

When was the last time you checked how much you were paying on your phone. Signing up for a Β£15/month subscription, I ended up paying up to Β£100! How many times did you receive your statement, see the amount, screamed and just deleted it. Pretty depressing. Take action and check the detailed bill! Lots of international calls, 0845 numbers and data usage.

Try to use Whatsapp and Viber more often and re-charge your Skype account with some money, that will end up being much cheaper!

Credit photo: Unsplash - Luis Llerena