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£2,000 Pension For New Mums! Yes Please, At The Very Least

We’ve all heard of the gender pay gap (unfortunately) but let’s turn our attention to its evil twin, the gender pension gap. It stands to reason, really, that if women are earning less they’ll be saving less. And of course women tend to live longer so they need more in their pension pots. But recent research has pin-pointed just how unfair the current state of play is when it comes to saving for later life.

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#bookclub: Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez

What's more important to you - your money, or your life? Authors Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez centre their book around this concept: "If someone thrust a gun in your ribs, and said those words, what would you do? Most of us would turn over our wallets". But despite this, on a daily basis many people exchange their "life energy" (a.k.a time) for money, earned from jobs that don't align with their personal values, spent on items that they don't really need. 

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IWD: Why Balance For Better?

For more than a century, an annual women’s day has been marked by feminists and politicians who want to celebrate the achievements of females. Now it’s a truly global phenomenon, and by no means limited to public figures and intellectuals: girls, boys, women and men from all corners of the world are coming together to help drive change in gender equality, and recognize the often hidden acts of heroism, large and small, that our mothers and sisters have accomplished.

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