What On Earth Are We Doing With Our Money?

Freelance Virtual Assistant	London	38	Single, living with BF (he has two teenaged girls) No pets sadly.

You may already know Refinery29’s Money Diaries… this is our own version of it! We’ve put together a few questions to understand what women are doing with their money. Let’s break the taboo and talk more about finances!

It’s short, snappy, fun and anonymous.

Freelance Virtual Assistant. London. 38. Single, living with BF (he has two teenaged girls). No pets sadly.

Financial goals:

Short term (1-5 years): Saving for 40th birthday trip to Mexico next year and desperately need to save enough to buy a little pad in Portugal where my family are from.

Medium term (5-10 years): Make my freelance business make me enough passive income to be able to spend more time travelling.

Long term (10 years +): I don't believe retirement is good for us, so I want to be able to future-proof myself financially as i'll never own property in the UK.

Best buy ever: Buying my Macbook Air in New York 5 years ago saved me £300 at the time.

Worst buy ever: Canteen food which turns out to be inedible and buying Pret sandwiches.

Things you spend the most money on: London transport, rent and food.

Salary / Income: £35,000

Net worth (what you own vs what you owe, or your assets minus your debts): £27,950

Any side hustles: £1,200 bonus through part-time office job

Savings: A private pension of £22k and 4k in savings accounts.

Home: On paper, I own a quarter share of my parent's home abroad (value approx £200k). I'll never be able to buy in the UK, I will likely have to rent forever.

Debt: £400 credit card + £200 overdraft.

Investing: I have one year left to open an ISA before I turn 40 (is it worth it?) I have 22k with a workplace pension though I plan on quitting the part-time job and freelancing full-time later this year - should i keep it or transfer to a different pension (specially for self-employed)?

Pension: Yes, through my workplace pension.

Insurances: Yes, with the ICA for GDPR/data-protection.

What is money for you? I loathe money most of the time. But if I had lots of it, it would mean freedom of CHOICE.

What is financial independence for you? Freedom to choose where I live.


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