Podcast of the Month: Freakonomics Radio

Everyone’s on about the Leandra Medine and Sophia Amoruso podcasts (we’re totally guilty, too). But there’s also a handful of hidden gems out there that we’re super psyched to share with you.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Money (But Were Afraid to Ask) with Harold Pollack - a professor at the University of Chicago, but not a financial expert, created a set of rules that can fit on a 3x5 index card. His blog post went viral, then became a book. He is talking on Freakonomics Radio and simply provides good financial tips - but remember that sometimes money problems are slightly more complicated and cannot fit on an index card!

What? An intro to economics, made simple.

Why Does it Matter? Freakonomics was one hell of a bestseller, and since 2010, hosts Stephen J. Dubner and Steve Levitt have done a podcasts that just gets it: that we’re not after the fancy jargon or posturing, but we still want to learn interesting facts about the economy while we’re at it. What’s not to like?!

Best Episode? “Why do people keep having children” looks at the various factors why a given person is less or more likely to have kids. It’s got a whole wealth of research behind it, and will be a real eye-opener for parents and childfree persons alike.


Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash.