5 Invaluable Websites We Use to Evaluate ETFs and Stocks

We’re pretty big fans of ETFs over here at Vestpod. And it looks like we’re not the only ones championing their popularity: in 2015, ThinkAdvisor conducted research that revealed that 81% of the financial advisors surveyed are currently using or recommending ETFs with their clients versus 78% who are using or recommending mutual funds. So, yes. ETFs are pretty great. But before you get started, it is useful to have the tools that will help ensure reap the benefits of ETFs. Here’s a list of websites we’re using to find investments; from stocks, to bonds, ETFs and alternative funds.  

  • Investors Chronicle: Published by the Financial Times Group, this website and magazine is our go-to for all things global markets. It regularly features beginner’s guides to investing, so it’s a great place from which to start your investing journey.
  • MorningStar: With a range of free materials on the website, like risk ratings for various ETFs, portfolio breakdowns by individual securities and ETF spotlight articles, Morning Star is your go-to source for weighty investment research.
  • The Share Centre: An independent retail stockbroker platform for share dealing - where you can easily buy and sell stocks.
  • The Motley Fool: Providing a range of stock, investing and personal finance advice for investors, The Motley fool has great educational content that will help you understand what to look for when investing.
  • XTF: A long-time favourite amongst investors. It’s quite heavy on performance charts and data, so might be better suited for the more seasoned investor.
  • Plus your bank would offer an online magazine usually or a blog.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash.