Cash For Clothes: Make Your Wardrobe Pay Your Bills

Raise your hand if you own at least one article of clothing that you’ve only worn once. Yeah, we see you - that’s literally everybody reading this. From the high-rise flares that make you look more Ron Burgundy than they do Jane Birkin, to the distressed crop top you’re ten years too old to pull off, no one is immune to fashion faux-pas. But, one woman’s ill-fitted bardot dress is another woman’s treasure, so why not free up some space in your wardrobe and monetize on your blunders?

  • Trawl local Facebook groups.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of sales-y, marketplace Facebook groups in your area. Such groups tend to be the most cost-efficient way of getting rid of unwanted stuff, mostly because Facebook doesn’t charge anything from the transaction and you can ask for cash in hand. Only downside? Buyers tend to be skeptical, as there’s no guarantee the item you’re selling is genuine. Verdict - Facebook groups are best served for selling high-street stuff, baby clothes and other non-high value items.

  • Ebay is (still) pretty neat.

Yep, the master platform for re-selling junk you didn’t even realise you had at home is still King (or Queen). And while eBay’s fees can be a little off putting, sellers tend to prefer it to other websites. A word of caution, though - make sure you send your sold items via signed and tracked postal service. If you don’t, your buyer may claim to not have received the item, leaving you liable to give them a refund (yes, even if you really did send them the item).

  • For designer goods, try Vestiaire.

Vestiaire Collective is a fashtech startup gone unicorn, hugely popular amongst fashionistas. VC’s popularity is partly down to their quality control team - they’ve got a round-the-clock staff checking all items sold for 100% authenticity. Londoners and Parisians enjoy perks of their concierge service, too, where they collect your designer goods directly from you, take professional photos and put them up online. Naturally, this comes with a hefty commission, but items do sell relatively fast - so it’s a trade-off worth considering.

  • Declutter with Vinted.

If you’re more of a high-street junkie, don’t fret - you can still sell your used clothes via a handy little app called Vinted. It may not look like you’re going to get much, but remember - every little bit counts. Plus, that newfound space in your wardrobe has never looked better.

Credit image: unsplash / Les Anderson