Picking the best Stocks and Shares ISA

Speaking of myths (our theme du jour), you’ve probably heard this one, too: one needs to be rich to invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA. Nope, and nope. If you have your emergency fund set in place - we recommend 6 months’ worth of salary set aside in a cash ISA (for example) - you should consider investing your savings. Investing in Stocks and Shares isn’t exclusive to the uber wealthy - it’s merely the most tax-efficient and investor friendly way of saving money for the long term. Inflation and low interest rates mean that cash ISAs just don’t work as hard for your money.

We know the words ‘stocks and shares’ are enough to send some of you running to the hills, so we’ve put together a checklist to simplify the ordeal of choosing the best deal:

Are you still overwhelmed by the idea of investing in a stocks and shares ISA’s? Do you have any burning questions relating to choosing an ISA account? Don’t be afraid to ask us what’s up - it’s what we’re here for!