Wealth Is More Than Just Money

What is expert money guru Tony Robbins saying?

Wealth is more than just money

This week we’re bringing you some golden nuggets of advice from top wealth creation expert Tony Robbins. He believes you can strike it rich (or, rich enough) if we keep some special principles in mind:


Work on yourself

To achieve your full potential in terms of both income and happiness, you need to model change in yourself every day. Make your body stronger by working out, and expand your mind by learning new skills and gathering new information. Knowing you’re getting stronger will make you feel great and give you the self-belief to succeed.


Find your groove

If you are working on something you love, you’ll have so much energy to put in to it, you’ll surprise yourself. So if you feel stuck in your career, take time out to identify something you could feel really fired up about every day, and plan on monetizing it. Every successful woman has a mission.


You can’t take it with you

Having time is more important than having money, so if you are working all hours to achieve your goals, consider changing your daily or weekly routine to factor in some free time in which you can actually enjoy life. This will make you feel richer than if you’re just hamster-wheeling.


Wealth is a state of mind

If you had nothing, and you found a ten pound note, you’d feel so happy about the money in your hand. All too often we compare ourselves to people better off than us, and that makes us feel poor. So try to appreciate the amazing riches that are represented by the fact that you have a home full of books, toys and food. Not to mention running water. This mindset should help you with the final tip…


Give it away!

Helping others will not only make you feel happy (and wealthy) but can make you money as an investor. Find causes like ethical start-ups that inspire you and opt to invest (long-term, of course: Robbins knows better than to switch out of a market after a mere year of low performance), keeping the money flowing round and adding value to the people and products you admire.


Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash.