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Financial empowerment: How women can be a driving force for future generations (Paris)

  • The Family 25 Rue du Petit Musc Paris, Île-de-France, 75004 France (map)
Financial empowerment – How women can be a driving force for future generations

Women are becoming wealthier and by 2028 will control 75% of discretionary spending worldwide. And the proportion of working women carrying the primary financial ­responsibility in their families is rising.

We strongly need to support women in their professional and personal advancements. Let’s also make them become wealthier and in control of their finances!


· Money is power because it gives you independence (quit a job I don’t like, choose where I want to live, buy myself time to do what I want)

· Money gives you choices (invest in projects I believe in, make an impact with my money)

· It’s ok to want to earn money or ask for more (at work, for yourself).

Why is that important for the startup ecosystem?

Because women reinvest in their families, communities and education… and richer women will be able to support startup entrepreneurs, start their own businesses and give back ;-)

Leveraging technology will help women start business they want that will work for them.

What’s the problem?

  • Women’s financial literacy is low and the industry is largely men dominated and does not appeal to women.

  • Women don’t receive any financial education and the taboo around money impacts not only their wallets and their wellness but also their mental health. And where do they find help? Professional financial advice is expensive, intimidating (male dominated) and not well-adjusted to the challenges they face.

  • Women statistically live longer than men and earn less (the gender pay gap) so it’s key that they start actively managing their own finances :-)

Now is the time! How can society help them? What is the role of the private sector? And what about European governments’ initiatives?

For our last public affairs’ event of the summer, we’re very happy to take up this subject together with:

· Emilie Bellet, CEO of Vestpod, the London-based platform and community for empowering women financially.

· Oriel Petry, UK Diplomat, Deputy Trade Commissioner, Europe

The event is 100% open and free! It will be followed by a Q&A to satisfy your curiosity as well as some time to get to know each other.

See you there!

Zineb <3