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Money can be very personal and emotional, so let’s start the conversation in a chilled, low-key environment. No lecturing, no selling. Just talking and sharing ideas. It doesn’t matter how much you earn. My question is: does it make you happy and how are you managing what you have? Vestpod is your money tribe, a safe space to talk about money and feel good about it. My goal is to support you to build better money habits, learn about finances and connect with like-minded people. 

London events


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Previous vestpod series events & Workshops

International Women’s Day

We celebrated IWD with our 2 amazing speakers: Bev Shah is the City's 'Fearless Girl', championing inclusivity & diversity in the asset & investment management industry and Laura Whateley, journalist and author of Money: a user's guide! 


It’s something that 84% of women say they’re interested in. This time we have 3 amazingly inspiring women that will come and share their own stories with impact investing: Georgia Stewart, Julia Groves and Liv Sibony. They all work in the space and have different missions and experiences so expect an empowering debate.

Helena Morrissey

On October 19th 2018 I had the pleasure to interview Helena Morrissey. We discussed her career in finance, what is driving her and how she managed to stay true to herself in a male-dominated industry. Helena is hugely inspiring and empowering.


WOmen & Crypto

On July 25th 2018 we hosted our first event in a series of informative, informal conversations that we will run with Vestpod aiming to educate all of us on the crypto and blockchain topics. Vestpod is all about empowering women financially and I think we cannot ignore this new asset class.


We organise workshops in London for our community on different financial topics such as: budgeting, investing, cryptos, property.